First in your family to start a business?

    Join the only platform built just for us.

    Weekly Meetups

    Each week, connect with your fellow 1st Gen's for accountability and support as you grow your biz.

    Peer Advisory

    Ask questions, share useful advice and learn from each others wins inside our community forum.

    Grow Your Business

    A rising tide lifts all boats. Gain access to our network as we promote our members expertise.

    This 4 minute video will give you a clear idea of what this community is
    and how it can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

    Life as a 1st Gen is Hard:

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    It's Lonely

    If you’re the first in your family to start a business, it’s up to you to blaze your own trail. But without a built-in support system, it can be a very lonely journey.

    It's Uncertain

    What happens when you face a new challenge for the first time? It’s really hard to know if you’re making the right decisions, which leads to anxiety.

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    It's Risky

    1st Gen Entrepreneurs miss out on the advantages of growing up in an entrepreneurial family. Going it alone adds risk and compounds the pressure. As if it’s not hard enough already!

    The Cure for Entrepreneurial Loneliness

    Stay Connected

    By joining this community, you can participate in our live weekly meetups. There you’ll connect with your fellow 1st Gen’s and get the advice, support & accountability you need as we tackle challenges together.

    Get Advice

    Your membership includes access to a private forum spaces where you can safely ask questions pertaining to your business, share useful advice and content, and share lessons learned from wins (big and small).

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    Grow Your Business

    We are constantly making new connections and sharing opportunities with each other. A rising tide lifts all boats, and opportunities abound.

    How We Can Help

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    Inside the community, you can share your wins and “learns”, ask questions, ask for help, and much more. As you get to know your fellow members, trust and relationships begin to form.


    You’re likely an expert in your industry, right? But what about all the other industries you know little about? Fill in your knowledge gaps and get practical advice from your fellow 1st Gens.

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    When you’re the boss, who holds you accountable? Nobody, that’s who. By sharing and discussing your monthly goals with your peers, you can keep moving forward in your business with positive peer pressure.

    "I highly recommend the 1st Gen Community to anyone looking for help in navigating the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey."

    Ahron Wohlgelernter


    Community Membership

    • For Businesses up to $100k Revenue
    • The Only Community for 1st Gen Entrepreneurs
    • Avoid the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship
    • Weekly Check-In Meetings on Zoom
    • Private Spaces for Advice & Sharing
    • Opportunities to Grow Your Network

    Premium Group Coaching

    • For Businesses Between $100k and $1M/revenue
    • Premium Groups of 6-8 Business Owners
    • Moderated/Facilitated by Business Coach
    • Members Grouped by Stage of Business
    • Monthly Deep Dive Meetings on Zoom
    • Accelerate Your Business Growth with Peers
    • Groups are Formed Ad-Hoc (Requirements Apply)

    "I can easily say that my annual membership has already paid for itself, within the first month alone!"

    Derek Pollard, Constellar Creative

    What Our Members Have to Say:

    Don't Walk Alone!

    Our mission is to democratize the mentorship, support and connections needed for any 1st Gen Entrepreneur to succeed.

    We want to attract quality, talented individuals who have both the desire and ability to give as much as they receive.

    You don’t need decades of experience to join. You simply need to have expertise in your own field and a willingness to share what you know.

    Your peers will return the favor, helping you overcome challenges in your business and fill in your gaps.

    This results in a quality community that helps each member to grow and succeed in their business.

    However, we can only serve members if there is a mutually good fit. If you’d like to join, please submit an application below and we’ll report back.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is This a Networking Group?
    Nope! And we are offended you’d even ask that. Just kidding 😊


    • In all seriousness, you should NOT join this community if you are primarily interested in networking and getting leads.

    • The focus of this group is to help each other solve problems, give & get support and hold each other accountable.

    • A natural biproduct of any good community is that you wind up doing business with each other.

    • Join this community if you don’t want to travel on your entrepreneurial journey alone.

    • Do NOT join this community if you are hoping to sell your product/service once inside.

    Are There Any Commitments?
    • While we do host weekly meetups on Zoom, it’s not required to attend each week. We understand you are busy!
    • To get the most out of this community, we recommend attending the live meetings at least once per month
    • Additionally, it only takes an hour or two each month to keep in touch on the forums and benefit from that in your business
    • Of course you can spend more time inside, but that’s a realistic number for most to get the value out of it.
    Why Do I Have to Apply to Join?
    Because the quality of the group is critical to our success.


    • We have a vetting process for every member who is added to the group.

    • We want to attract quality, talented individuals who have both the desire and ability to give as much as they receive.

    • We can only serve members if there is a mutually good fit, and this ensures the best experience for everyone.

    You've Made It This Far

    You’ve come this far on your own, and that’s amazing!

    You were the first in your family to start a business.

    You’re brave, a little crazy, and have our respect.

    But here’s an important question:

    How much further could you go with us?